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ER for iOS: be able to hide the top black bar which shows the system time and battery in iphone\ipad so that the app interface covers the whole screen

We have several users who can access to MSTR objects through mobile.There is not many differences with these users except the user name. We want to set only one mobile configuration link and after user login on mobile, different users can have different home page documents. These users are in charge of different departments, for example, Marketing, HR and Finance. We want to have the users from the marketing team to get the marketing document as the home page document as well as the users from HR team to have the HR document as the home page document. So users from different departments have different home page.


  Let's take an example of compound metric c=a-b

Where a and b are simple metrics. If a and b are from different fact table,  the joining between the fact table can be controlled by a property in microstrategy called metric formula join type. This property can be served at compound metric c level. Hence we can either achieve full outer join or inner join between the simple metrics .

    But in the real world left outer join becomes critical for one of main sub metrics. this becomes limiting when compared to other reporting tools.

We would like to ask for a new feature which would enable us with showing more than just the metrics forming a graph. For example we are using the budgeting lipstick graph comparing this year and last year numbers. The tooltip is showing only those two numbers based on the mouse position. Would it be possible to have the options to show the values of additional metrics coming from the same dataset?



1. The color and size can be changed when the button is displayed in web.
2. The color for mobile is connected to below setting. Anyway, there is no color I want, e.g. black.
3. No matter which size is defined for it in web, the same size is displayed for it in mobile.


MicroStrategy's ability to use different interface languages for different users is a very powerful argument for many (international) customers. However, there are still a number of areas where the chosen language is not taken into account. An example would be the function editor, where the functions, their groups and descriptions are only displayed in the default language (I assume). If I remember correctly, also totals are not translated, which makes for an awkward breach in an otherwise smooth user experience.

Please invest more time in thoroughly testing the product in an international environment with different languages.

Hello, At present there is no way to enable Object description tooltip in visual insight. It is control via web preference for grid report however having ability to enable this on VI visualization level would be veryful.

I see the idea for adding long description which is great however having this short description enabled for Visual Insight level seems like much more value add or having ability to add custom description for object in VI. Currently you essentially have to create information layput or panel as having object description in schema does not get utilized.



When creating prompts in Developer there is an option to change the Display Style in Web Options, e.g. you can choose Radion button, check box, pull down, list and shopping cart.  This changes how the prompt displays itself in Web.

The ability to choose these same options in Developer, so when a report is run in Developer we have the ability to choose instead of just having Shopping Cart would be useful

I think VI is a great tool but it can be much better. Currently in VI, formatting seems to be challenging if we would like to make changes.



I have created a VI dashboard with 2 panels around 10 grids and 5 graphs (OOTB). I showed it to my manager and he/she has feedback to change font color, font type and banding for grids and graph color and font for graphs. In this case i have to format each individual grid.


My idea is to have one of 2 below options, this way i can apply changes 9 faster for grid and 4 times faster for graphs as per my example.

1. Copy format and apply to other grids

2.Set a autostyle for grid and graph with new requirements


Please vote if this is helpful.



viz builder Style can't be modified 10.4

Status: New
by JamesWang Pioneer on ‎09-19-2016 07:13 PM - last edited on ‎11-11-2016 03:38 PM by Community Manager

Hi folks, I'm using viz builder in MS Web 10.4 to develop D3 integration and find the CSS code in "Style" pane can't be modified once they are pasted into the pane. a little bit more detail, I copy and paste the css code into the Style pane and then when I try to add font-size or modify anything the followings happen:

1. the visualization doesn't reflect these changes

2. I save these changes, close the viz builder and reopen it the css code in Style pane remain unchanged - it doesn't take the modification.

it appears to me a bug. any idea on this?



I think Vi is evolving. VI dahsboards should have ability to load another VI Dashboard as new sheets,


Used Case1:


Analyst1 has created a dashboard "A" with 2 sheets

Anayst2 has created a dashboard "B" with 2 sheets


It makes complete sense from business perspective to have it as a one dashboard, curretly it is not possible to combine.


Used Case2:

Requirment is to create a dashboard with 4 sheets, but we would like split that work between 2 analysts 2 sheets each. then combine them when ready to production.

It makes complete sense from business perspective to have it as a one dashboard, curretly it is not possible to combine.

Customizable menu

Status: New
by Jatin106 Newcomer on ‎03-15-2016 12:38 AM
Create customizable menu option for user to put menu option which are frequently used instead of continually moving in the current menu option, just like Microsoft office toolbar

Better suggestions picks/view for MicroStrategy web search box selector

Status: New
by Helper PeterW Helper on ‎10-05-2016 10:56 AM - last edited on ‎01-30-2017 11:44 AM by Community Manager

The search box selector is supposed to look for element names as we type them in. In our example we have “Company Names” and "Customers" as our attribute sources and the action type is set to “Select Attribute Element”.

However, typing in a name returns a varied result. For example, searching for a customer called “Nicola Smith” returns lots of results with the first name “Nicola” included and/or lots of results with the last name “Smith” included. It never returns results with the exact phrase that was typed in. Wrapping the search in quotations doesn’t seem to work – it comes back with “No elements returned”.

Using ampersand (&) ensures that the AND feature is used and both keywords are displayed in conjunction and not as an OR, but it does load the whole list first then filter it down in chunks until you are left with the valid matches, and this can be bit slow.

I've summarised to key issues for us going forward now:

1) The ampersand symbol (&) helps negate the problem of varied search results in the short term. However in the long term I don’t think we should expect end users to use the ampersand for better search results. So we will need a proper fix for this.

2) Using the ampersand helps – but it takes a lot of time for the search box to filter in the correct search results. Our suspicion is that the search box loads all possible results at once and then it slowly whittles it down to the correct result based on the search field. This can take just over a minute though which is too long.


In addition:

3) The search box can hold onto previous searches – thus displaying results for the previous search even when we have typed something new in the search box. After around a minute or so, the displayed results eventually reflect the new search.

4) Pressing enter clears the entire search result - which is inconvenient.


Dear All,

 I have a strange requirement which am clueless how to approach.

We want to find out how far back users query the data? i.e 2 years,5 years etc . Basically the idea is to find out the earliest period for which the available reports are run.Is there any way to find out the same in MicroSrategy?I mean with the help of Enterprise manager or something? Any help on this would be highly appreciated.


Best Regards,


Many customers want to use single authentication (SSO) for all their corporate applications  - including MicroStrategy. Increasingly OAuth providers are used to identify users. It would be great if MicroStrategy provided out of the box capabilities and/or APIs to authenticate using OAuth 2.0.

This could, for example, be used to log into MicroStrategy using credentials for the corporate CRM system (using OAuth).


In RSD, MicroStrategy provide curved line style for line charts. However, it is not available for VI dashboard line charts.

Developer read-only option

Status: New
by Jon Jones Active Contributor on ‎02-25-2015 06:49 AM

What I would find useful is being able to set within Developer a project to read-only.  This would only be for the user who is using Developer.

The scenario is that when a user opens an object on a Production project in Developer, I would like the option for opening in read-only mode so they dont accidently get changed and saved.  Obviosuly we already have this at schema level (but this is for the Developer instance, i.e. effects all projects).  So what I would like to see is this extending to public objects as well but being configurable for each project.  

Possibly even the schema level read-only being configurable at project level instead at Developer instance level


Dear support team,


please log a new case with topic: project setting "Do not merge or duplicate headers when exporting to Excel/Word" causes merged rows/cols in excel (2010) export although not set in report (msi 9.4.1 hf7)


following problem:


endusers wants the export report result to excel exactly as defined in report layout which means, NO merged cols/rows and header columns should not be merged in excel.


Mentioned in TN200304....workaround to use export in web is not feasible

Details attached




Is there any support for composite 7.0 ?




While using the JSON API, specifically the Dataset API, you need to define the table metadata when doing the import.  


I would like the metadata to be created automatically, just like it does if I use the manual upload of a JSON file through the 'Add external data' function.  Ideally, the DATASET API would work just like the manual upload process (Just authenticate and then send a dataset with MicroStrategy auto-determinined the metadata).


When modifying Report Services documents in Web, one often has to use the editable mode.  From the pulldown menu i can not do it at once. First i have to select Edit, wait until that editor is loaded, search for the editable mode button, click and wait until that editor becomes available.

I suggest that the editable mode is an option straight on the pulldown menu! It saves a lot of time!

regards, Marco


I had a requirement where I have to only apply filter conditions for one visual. This can be achieved easily by applying View filter option available in Visual Insight.

But the customer wants "Apply" option along with that view filter. Since they dont want to wait long for each filter element selection.

As we are aware if we dont have "Apply" option on Filter then each filter element selection will make us to wait for rendering data.

EX: In filter object Month, there are elements like Jan, Feb etc. If you want to make a multiple selection at a time, it will not be possible. For each month element selection, the visualization gets filtered on the fly and make us to wait till it displays data for that selection.

Instead, if we have Apply button as like Standard filter have the option, it would be easy to make multiple filter element selections at a time and click apply. 

This will save good amount of time rather waiting for each selection.

This is my opinion.

Thank you



Native support for VI dashboards in iOS

Status: New
by DJ1 Newcomer on ‎03-05-2017 09:56 AM

To improve performance


Current situation:

In MicroStrategy Developer, go to Project Configuration > Governing > User sessions. Define the value on the 'Concurrent interactive project sessions per user' as shown in TN33062
1. Open MicroStrategy Web in a web browser and click the link for Project to which additional configuration prerequisites steps are performed. The default log-in page should be displayed.
2. Log in with a valid MicroStrategy credentials for non-administrative user, and you should be granted access to the application.
3. Open another MicroStrategy Web session in a new web browser and click the link for Project to which additional configuration prerequisites steps are performed. The default log-in page should be displayed.
4. Log in with the same credentials that you used to log in the first time. You have not granted access to the application and displays with the error message.




The behavior of the application should be changed to terminate active session of an account when a new login occurs of the same account in a different browser/session.

Allow web users to sort by subtotal and attribute elements together in WEB

Status: Acknowledged
by Pioneer Sdewicki Pioneer on ‎10-12-2016 04:17 AM - last edited on ‎01-30-2017 11:43 AM by Community Manager

Please provide all advanced sorting options from Developer to Web. 

Users are unable to sort by subtotal and attribute elements together. They said that sorting in MSTR is limited and Microsoft Excel is more powerful in this topic. 


There is a workaround to create new derived metric(level metric) and sort by this metric but it there are a lot of disadvantages of this solution:

1) Firs of all It is not convenient for users. They cannot easily change sorting without any bigger knowledge about level and conditional metric

2) What is more, if user is using any filter in Visual Insight  or view filter in grid. you need to adjust it as condition in derived metric

3) Creating conditioal metric is allowed only if you typed in formula editor, there is no way to add condition through user friendly interface

Status: Acknowledged

This has been acknowledged by the Product Management team. We will evaluate this in terms of complexity, market direction and product roadmap before deciding whether to pass it along to the product teams.

Implement Theta Joins

Status: New
by abhi1223 Pioneer ‎04-13-2016 03:46 PM - edited ‎04-13-2016 03:48 PM

Theta joins are currently not supported by MicroStrategy. I feel it's one of the drawback of MSTR. I knew we can acheive it using logical views and report filters, but its really a painful job to create all the views and also going by this approach we were facing performance issues with the generated SQL. I remember so many users requested for this change. So please implement the Theta join support in future releases.


It should be very useful to have a button or an option under 'File' button that makes an automatic resizing of the whole dashboard, in terms of dimensions of grid compared to its data, dimensions of graphs and maps compared to what they represent, etc. This would greatly help users to have more appealing and usable dashboard.

Add the ability to see the execution plan for Dashboards and Report Services Documents

Status: New
by Active Contributor haninmstr Active Contributor on ‎03-17-2015 05:33 PM - last edited on ‎03-18-2015 12:06 PM by Junior Contributor EduardoC Junior Contributor

In the current MicroStrategy architecture (until version 10), whenever a Dashboard/Report Service Document is executed, MicroStrategy I-Server will create potentially multiple reports child jobs.

These child jobs could be doing:

  • Subset/View reports where MicroStrategy I-Server generates CSI (= Cube Service Instruction) even though the dataset is also a Subset/View report, or
  • run-time report instance that generate SQLs (in the case that the dataset is Live/DDA dataset),
  • and then MCE (multi-cube engine) process when there are multiple datasets.

In many cases, I believe that customers will benefit from knowing what is actually getting executed (e.g., how many CSIs being generated, what is the MCE that is being generated, etc.).

If we have a way to expose/explain what actually get executed in certain Dashboard/RSD design, many performance problems will not need to be escalated to Technology.

Of course, education/certification is one answer, but confirming a knowledge with actual information is always useful.

This request is basically equivalent to Explain Plan in database.

Another way to look at it, this request is equivalent to [An Analytical SQL] explanation that we put in MicroStrategy SQL view (as compare to MicroStrategy version 7.x where we only put 1 line). It took us (in Technology) years to explain what actually happens with Ana SQL. Only after we put the current instruction, we can put that questions to rest.

Support conditional link by threshhold

Status: Acknowledged
by Hennykim Newcomer on ‎02-12-2015 08:22 PM

Link and threshold is a dfferent matter at the moment but If we could combine these, it would be nice to apply a conditional link in grid.

For example, I want to set a link in 'grid1.metric1' of 'geography document1' to launch a customer list document by selected row(geography).

In addition, I want to replace the metric1 by 'launch' image and it will show blank the geography is not mine.

(If there could be a flag to define a geography is mine or not...)

Any way, with a current version of MSTR(9.4.1 hotfix7), the blank image could be clickable and drill the customer document with a blank data.

I hope it will be possible sooner or later.



Status: Acknowledged

In our company we don't have a MSTR project dedicated to Human Resources, and it would be really useful. Anyway, the problem would be that in this project we should have also data about salaries of all the company employees. We know that there are user filters, security filters etc., but the problem is that even MSTR Administrator shouldn't see those salaries data.

It would be wonderful if MSTR Team would find a way to store data into a project, with the limit that Administrator can't absolutely see those data.

(Already checked with MSTR Support that this is not currently possible.)