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Currently, if a line chart is used and there are missing data points between elements, there is a blank space in between the two plotted points. Ideally, there should be an option to "Connect the dots" to show trend information between the two points.

The example below show two metrics with gaps in the time dimensions. it would be great to have the time periods in between "connect the dots" as a reference point to the line chart.

Connect the dots?Connect the dots?

Please evaluate providing users a way to bulk export an interactive report from Web, (without the overhead of having to save and have someone with developer access convert to bulk export and the added maintenance of the additional object). 


We would like to modify all metric in VI Dashboard.Ex: want to change number format of all metric.

We have to change one by one metric.



Hi all,

We have a lot of requests from users that wish to be able to export certain grids/graphs inside a MicroStrategy RS docment.

One very useful feature that used to be available in Flash but didn't make its way into Presentation Mode is the semi-transparent export buttons that appeared when you hovered over a grid or graph.

hover over export.png


Right now, to make this feature available for users, we have to add titles for all grids which takes screen real estate as well as affect look and feel.


It would be really helfpul if we could get the "hover over export buttons" feature back in Presentation Mode.

Currently the solution provided for burstinga file to subfolder based on file name does not work. Its been pending from long -

TN43945: Subfolder for bursting does not create the folder for the attribute macro when using Distribution Services in MicroStrategy 9.3.x and newer


This is a desired feature & adds value instead of relying on 3rd party hacks. This feature used to exist in narrowcast earlier.


Another discussion regarding this -


Hi All,

In Keysight we are connecting to Salesforce application through MicroStragey 10.2 using the salesforce ODBC driver with API version 29. We have recently faced many issues while reading columns from Salesforce tables within MSTR. While analyzing the root cause we found that the issue is due to older version of the Salesforce ODBC driver, which is 29.

This issue can be resolved when the driver is upgraded to the recent version i.e 39.

Case#176258 is raised for the same. Please let us know how we can expedite this process as this is critical for ongoing Salesforce modeling in MicroStrategy, and some critical business reporting is on hold due to this issue.



Bikash Bishoyi

Hi all,

the new feature to create links from one dashboard to another or other external data is a great feature even if I would prefer that we are also providing the "Link Editor" in addition to the possibility to create URL API Links. See also the following idea:

Provide "Link Editor" with Parameter Passing Possibility to other dashboards also in Visual Insight to enable Guided Analysis

Nevertheless also with the "Create Links" feature we are now able to following a guided analysis approach based on URL API and can jump from one Visual Insight Dashboard to another one with Parameter passing possibilities.


But: We always need to include a grid for this feature. This is often a showstopper for guided analysis as we want to use graphs for this navigation approach. For example the user clicks on a bar in a graph representing the respective month and jumps into a new Visual Insight Document filtered by this prompt answer. This does not work yet and I want to request this as enhancement that seems to be a low hanging fruit and will help us a lot.





At 2 of my customers this was a showstopper for using VI and go back to RSD.


So what do you think?

Right now its not possible to colorize / highlight e.g. bar elements based on certain conditions.

E.g colorize the worst 5 results in red and the best 5 in green.


This is pretty flexible in report services documents where conditional formats can be applied not only in grids but also in charts. This idea should enhance current threshold functionality which is limited just to grids right now,


The grid title doesn't allow dynamic text such as attribute's value.

This would be very usefull in case of a grid is targeted by a selector and the option to export is enabled. So in the excel or pdf file, the title of the grid shows the value on which the grid is filtered.



In the grid editor, edit the title bar


When exporting to PDF, the grid title is dynamic dpending of the selector



Display the Property Name in the results when executing a command in Command Manager. Customer would like to script out the settings and apply them in another environment. The current output provides it in a user-friendly format, but requires a mapping and conversion to get into a script.



Returns fields such as: "Create Intelligent Cubes by database connection"


If an option provided the actual property name it would be easier to take the contents and put it in a script.

In order to minimize the influence of existing environment, Mstr Desktop as a product should be put inside a container such as docker for distribution.


When a job is canceled in Microstrategy, the IS doesn't cancel it immediately.

Instead, if the execution was started, the job will actually go on, sometimes for a very long time, almost similar to full execution.

This mecanism makes cancelling jobs useless, if the execution started.

I'd love to have the possibility to really cancel a job, instantly.

Many times we use a graph as a selector as well as a regular selector (both having the same source attribute).

When they are set as slicer, the synchronization works fine, however, when they are filters they do not synchronize and lead to blanks unless changing the selection in both places.


It would be really helpful to mimic the behaviour of slicers in situations such as this.


Starting 10 MicroStrategy has introduced a very useful feature: "Update target filters when current selection changes".

However, this feature does not work when using an "analytical selector" (attribute in grid or graph).

It would be a really helpful upgrade to extend this functionality to analytical selectors.



Ex I have a dashboard with: 

Grid 1:

Category      Sales

Drinks           50

Food             30

                                                                     Profit:   5

Grid 2:

Items            Sales

Coca Cola      40

Pepsi              10

Hamburgers   20

Hot Dogs       10


Category and Items control the profit being shown as analitical selectors. They have to be filters, otherwise rows will get doubled.


If I select Drinks and Coca Cola, Profit will show corectly.

However, if I switch to Food while Coca -Cola is selected, I will get a blank value for Profit until I go back and select Hamburgers or Hot Dogs instead of having a value shown for first element or all elements.

Hi all,


this is an issue that is following us at different customers right now. We build Report Service Documents to create applications that consist of multiple report service documents that are linked to each other and are running in Mobile and Web.


A typical functionality for such an application is a back button. Right now this concept is realized very inconsistently. In Web we need to use a concept like <a href=”javascript&colon;history.go(-1)”>Back</a> placed in a HTML container. In Mobile we can use the following URL API mstr://?evt=3124


That means that we cannot just place a back button in a report service document that we want to use in Web and Mobile but need to put in a lot of effort to make it working in both formats (e.g. Managed Views).


We would like to request that “Back” is a concept available in the standard button that is working 1:1 in all formats.


Furthermore, right now we can just achieve to go back one complete page. What we also want to request is that we also can click back all selector changes made on a page before going back to the previous report service document.


What do you think?



When a subscription is triggered, hundreds, or thousands of jobs can be created. 

Currently, there is no way to limit the ressources that these jobs will use, so they end up using all the ressources of the IS, making it harder for users to access the service.

It would be nice to have the possibility to limit the amount of ressources used by sheduled jobs (for example 20% of the CPU), or set their priority to low, so that they could 'run in background', without putting the IS on its knees, and without interfering with regular users.

From Web, when you want to delete lots of dataset from a document, you have to do it one dataset one by one, since a massive remove is not possible:multiple remove dataset.PNG

 Please enable it or add the option 'Remove all' in the black drop down menu.

Hi all,

since version 10.6 the Microstrategy API for D3 Graphs is from my perspective close to stable and can be used in productive environments for Web and Mobile iOS Devices. Nevertheless if I look into the current API support table it seems like that in the whole D3 topic Android is not covered at all.


By the way what i miss in in this table is the custom properties API.


In sense of maintainability and future-proof investments my customers are requesting that D3 is working plattform independend especially because it is based on well defined standards like CSS, SVG, Javascript and HTML 5.

For my customer who is following a bring your own device to the company approach it is hard to explain why this great feature of including D3 graphs is only available on iOS but not on Android.


Therefore I want to request that the D3 capabilities are available 1:1 in Android as they are in iOS right now. In generall all enhancements of the D3 API shall be available on all Devices (Web, Mobile iOS, Mobile Android and PDF Export) for Visual Insight and Report Service Document.


What do you think?


On a object, we can see the owner, the creation date and the last modification date but we can't known who has done this modification.

It would be very helpfull when many people work on the same object (dashbord, metrics, attribut):


author of modification.png

It often happens to me that i have to create the same threshold on all the metrics of one grid (from Developer). Then, i have to create the threshold for the first time on one metric, and then copy and paste it on the others. The option 'All metrics' here would speed a lot my work:all metrics (threshold).PNG

 Don't you agree with me?

This would apply also to Web dashboards or documents.





It would be really helpful, if there is a functionality to freeze the visual components like Graphs, Grids. Filters locations on a Visual Insight Dashboard. Because many times, while doing slice n dice, graphs/grids move here n there. and it takes lot of time to get the component back in place or close and reopen the VI.

So if a user is having a 'View' permission on a VI dashboard, then if dashboard layout is locked, then user cannot move graphs here and there. But if he wants, then can create a personal copy of the dashboard and make necessary changes and save in his My Reports folder.





At the moment, if i create a document in Web environment, then i copy it in Mobile environment and modify the Web document, i don't have a MSTR tool/way to quickly carry these modifications into my Mobile document. So i have to take them aligned manually, and this would be extremely difficult (for the time needed to do this, when you forgot to make modifications on Mobile then you may not remember that, etc.).

A MicroStrategy tool should be provided to do automatic Web/Mobile alignment, as a consequence this would stimulate people developing in Mobile environment, without worrying about modifications alignment and maintenance.

Maybe this tool could be integrated into Object Manager, since this feature is similar to some features already existing here.....

If you have an attribute with a geo form that is neither set as display, nor browse form, this is not recognized as such when using it with the Esri map widget, with the result that you will not see the shapes for this attribute.


Present design force you to enable the form manually. As end-users should be able to drag and drop any objects from a cube onto a grid and change the visualization to Esri maps, they will be facing the counter-intuitive need to add additionally an attribute form of the geo attribute for display, which on purpose is not used because it does not bring any meaningful insight to the users and is just confusing.


Some attribute forms are artificial keys. We use them to link the data warehouse with the Esri database. Therefore we don’t need or even want this attribute form on the grid, but we expect that the plugin recognizes the attribute form and retrieves the shapes from the Esri-server.


As the attribute is recognized as a geographical attribute, the tool should be able to display the shapes automatically even if the form is not a display form.

Ability to Use Self-Service Dashboard in Powerpoint

Status: New
by Active Contributor Ermance Active Contributor 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago



It would be great to be able to import into PowerPoint any Self-Service Dashboard.

We really need a production ready solution, to be able to deploy it for 10k users.

  • Each Sheet as a PowerPoint slide
  • Each visualization in the report as a high-resolution image in PowerPoint (just resize as you wish)
  • Textboxes in the report exported as (editable) textboxes in PowerPoint
  • Links to the live Version

 (see out this Link :



It might work today with :


For me it didn’t work immediately I followed the steps here to get it to work.

I changed the following entry in regedit (also attached):

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\ClickToRun\REGISTRY\MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\COM Compatibility\{8856F961-340A-11D0-A96B-00C04FD705A2}


Use regedit to import the attached entry.


For the Technote please see:






We have many power users and report analysts who have lot of subscriptions created by them and when they leave the organization or get promoted, their subscriptions needs to be transferred to the new owner. Changing the owner of the subscriptions is easy and fine. But recipients of each of the subscriptions are needed to be removed and added manually. This is aweful lot tedious work.


MicroStrategy web interface has a capbility of removing the receipient from all dependent subscriptions while we delete a recipient email address from preferencfes. Since such kind of script / code is already available why not incorporate the code to transfer the recipients of the subscriptions to the new owner? Since the coding is already happening in MicroStrategy, it will be the best they can incorporate this code.


Otherwise we have to manually do lot of work to transfer the subscriptions.

Central Location for Release readme.pdf files

Status: New
by Pizzaman Pioneer Wednesday - last edited Wednesday

I'm preparing to upgrade from 9.4.1 to 10.4 or 10.6.  I would like to be able to download the readme.pdf files for 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, etc. so I can review all the changes from teh various releases.  While there are links to all the 10.x online readme pages at, it would be a tremendous help if all of the pdf files were available as well.  

It seems like I have to download every 4GB flies for each of these releases in order to obtain the pdf files.  I have not been able to find them any where else. 

It would also be helpful to add a release identifier to the file names, e.g. readme_10.2.pdf

Check box selector for Monthly Schedule

Status: New
by Jon H Helper ‎02-23-2017 02:18 PM - edited ‎02-24-2017 11:22 AM

In the Monthly Scheduler option, it would be nice if we could pick the days of the month as a list option, rather than only being a single day.  This way we can do report schedules such as, the 1st and the 15th, or any other combination.


Instead of current pick one:



Drop down to pick multiple:

Day Selector.jpg


We want to apply different filters on multiple visualization same metric or attribute on VI screen. We want to apply a filter visualization comprise only one.The others are not affected.Filter panel does not solve our problem,because there is not a target visualization feature.Also, we need dynamic filtering and include / exclude filtering is not a solution. We have to give more than one filter.This way is difficult and also we do not want to see them on screen. If there is a view filter option for every visualisation on a panel (or a sheet) like web document, it will be very useful. 


We really like the new PDF engine and the fact that you don't have to spend that much time tweaking the dashboard to get all your content when you export (especially when you have grids that end up overflowing).


However, some users already made significant work to get all their visualizations in each layout to fit nicely in one page, and for them, the extra pages for each visualization are a hassle rather than an improvement. It would be great if they could choose whether to export these pages or not.

Since i use every day Support Site (i’m talking about the new one, which is ), I post here some improvements that should ease and speed technical assistance experience.

Details about Case Management:

  • Add the possibility to add someone in email cc to a case;
  • When I open a case from this site, but then I answer by mail adding some there attachments, please save automatically those mail attachments together with online attachments;
  • Add tags to the case. This would ease the search among all cases;
  • Add the name of the Case Owner that is following you into a new column into Case Summary;

Preferences and Configuration:

  • Add the possibility to save Visualization preferences; e.g. if I prefer to see Case Summary details with this order:

support site- vis.PNG

And not with the default one, I would like to save it somewhere and visualize it as default when I acces to Support site;

  • (LAST BUT NOT LEAST) Add a section where I can save Internal MicroStrategy Configurations; this is fundamental since they are almost always required from Support after a case is opened. With such a section you wouldn’t have to report those configuration every time Support need them (and, yes, it is extremely frustrating to repeat them every time).

     I’m talking about: MSTR version with Hotfix ; O.S.; IIS version; MSTR Desktop version; type and version of      database; eventual upgrade planning; etc.


Obviously please report me if something of these features have already been implemented or are going to be implemented.

Status: Under Consideration

Technical Support is looking to incorporate this feedback into the Support Site backlog, most specifically with the configuration settings suggestions.