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Narratives generated by Automated Insights’ Wordsmith

by Community Manager on ‎03-24-2017 09:49 AM - last edited a month ago by Community Manager (1,306 Views)

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Wordsmith by Automated Insights is the largest-producing natural language generation (NLG) engine in the world, producing over 1.5 billion narratives in 2016 alone. Since Wordsmith is fully customizable, MicroStrategy users have complete control over the narrative insights they deliver. Now, your data experts can design templates that deliver the exact insights your employees need to know. And best of all, the stories are all embedded directly in the dashboards used everyday.

Wordsmith is the world’s only self-service NLG engine. The public API makes it easy for data professionals to automate clear, written explanations of MicroStrategy visualizations. It’s like having an expert speak directly to every user, telling them what the data means and what they should do about it. And, best of all, the narrative updates in real time as the user explores the visualization.



  • This visualization is the integration with Automated Insights, to automatically generate a text that describes the graph/chart in natural language for a MicroStrategy dashboard or visualization


Screenshot 2017-03-29 13.08.51.png


  • Before using the plugin, you also need to create project and template at Wordsmith:
  • After you have created project and template at Wordsmith, you will need the obtain the slug names for them
  • Create a MicroStrategy visualization with this plugin and enter the slug names in the Project and Template fields on the properties panel of the visualization
  • On the drop zones, add attributes/metrics required by your template, and the narrative will be shown

You can use this Wordsmith starter plugin for MicroStrategy to generate narrative from a simple visualization using the following steps:


  • Format your data into a Grid containing a single row in MicroStrategy
  • Setup your Wordsmith template to write about the data elements contained in the MicroStrategy grid
  • Switch the Grid to a WordsmithNLG visualization and enter your API key, project slug, and template slug in the Wordsmith NLG formatting options
  • Update your narrative in Wordsmith as necessary


Minimum MicroStrategy verion: 10.7

Visualization Version: 1.0

Publisher: MicroStrategy


Installation instructions

  • To install this visualization, download the .zip file below and deploy it in MicroStrategy Desktop or MicroStrategy Web
  • After installing the visualization, you need to request an API Key from Automated Insights to generate narratives
  • Replace the “apiKey” part in the file WordsmithNLGConfig.js under folder <plugin_folder>/javascript/mojo/js/source
  • View a demo dashboard with this plugin here.

If you would like to build custom narratives for multiple visualizations or dashboards, this can be achieved using MicroStrategy’s visualization API.  Using this API, you will be able to aggregate data from your visualization and send it to Wordsmith for narrative processing.  To become a Wordsmith user and get started building custom narratives for your MicroStrategy dashboards, please visit



by Enrique Lopez Junior Contributor
a month ago

Hi ! This requieres a separate license from MicroStraetgy? Does it have an aditional cost? Does it works in different languages other than english? Thanks!

by Wordsmith_JohnH Newcomer
a month ago

@Enrique Lopez , I sent you a message with some additional detail on the Wordsmith and MicroStrategy integration. Please feel free to reach out any time. Thanks!

by Senior Guru Senior Guru
a month ago

@Darren Holmblad Please advise on @Enrique Lopez  queries -- everyone would love to hear too.. How to access wordsmith site as well ? It asks for user name / password but there's no REGISTER Button to access it...

by Wordsmith_JohnH Newcomer
a month ago

@LevAjar_Rajavel, I'm an integration engineer at Automated Insights. We are working with MicroStrategy to update the info here to make it a little clearer. Please check out for more information on the integration and to get in touch with us.


To answer @Enrique Lopez 's questions: Wordsmith does require a separate license and we support narrative in any UTF-8 language.

by Senior Guru Senior Guru
a month ago

@Wordsmith_JohnH thanks for clarifying it! 

I wish MSTR comes default with their product itself as how Power BI from Microsoft has..  Because this comes with additional purchase when there are lot of open source D3 out in market for visualization and soon the trend will change in that fashion too for this.. So sooner the BI tools adopt within their core product as Microsoft does - it add more values for the BI tool than paying extra ...

by Guru Guru
a month ago

@LevAjar_Rajavel What are you wishing was included OOTB in MicroStrategy? 

by Senior Guru Senior Guru
a month ago

I found this good question online by Power BI user - thought of asking the same for MSTR as well - Can this be used by healthcare customers? Is it covered under the MSTR HIPAA BAA? The visual sends data to NarrativeScience, and it appears based on their FAQ that they temporarily store data, but I cannot find any HIPAA-related info on their site.

by Senior Guru Senior Guru
a month ago

@DarrenHolmblad YES ==> If MSTR partners with NLG providers and add within product itself - it will be easy for business users to consume than paying additional cost to NLG providers.. It's like ESRI Map or Adobe Flash that we had for Flash dashboards earlier or etc within MSTR by itself & doesn't need any additional configurations to make it work or deploy anything separate .,  


by Wordsmith_JohnH Newcomer
a month ago

@LevAjar_Rajavel I work at Automated Insights, so cannot comment on another company's technology. For Automated Insights and Wordsmith, we do work with companies in healthcare and can setup HIPAA compliant means of generating narrative.

by Senior Guru Senior Guru
a month ago

@Wordsmith_JohnH sorry the question was specific to wordsmith - it was an typo from my side -- & thanks for clarifying it!


Good to know that, it is HIPAA compliant