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What's new in 10.7: Support for running Report Pre/Post SQL statements against the secondary databases for a multi-source report

by Seeker Param Seeker 4 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago by Community Manager (401 Views)

Here are some examples to understand "Before" and "After" behavior.






























Please consider the following points and their interaction with this feature:

  •  No support for Connect Live Intelligent Cubes: Running Report Pre/Post SQL Statements specified at Database Instances level is currently not available for Connect Live Intelligent Cubes that are created using the Data Import web interface.

  • Parallel Query Execution: If Parallel Query Execution is enabled then SQL passes can be run in any order if they do not depend on each other. Moreover, all the independent SQL passes may be executed in their own Database Connection. So, any session control Report Pre/Post SQL statement may be run in its own Database Connection which may not be shared with rest of the Report's SQL. Such example of session control statement in Teradata is QUERY_BAND. If you have such statements, you may want to disable Parallel Query Execution setting at Project Level. 
    • Please also note that Parallel Query Execution is always ON (regardless of the Project setting) for all types of Intelligent Cubes that are created using Data Import Web Interface i.e. In-Memory, Connect Live. There is no way to change the Parallel Query Execution setting for these Intelligent Cubes.  
    • The setting for Project or Report is available via Developer as shown below.