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Provide full D3 Functionality also on Android Devices / In general keep the API synchronous on all devices

Status: New
by Helper BastianKoenings Helper on ‎02-10-2017 11:23 AM

Hi all,

since version 10.6 the Microstrategy API for D3 Graphs is from my perspective close to stable and can be used in productive environments for Web and Mobile iOS Devices. Nevertheless if I look into the current API support table it seems like that in the whole D3 topic Android is not covered at all.


By the way what i miss in in this table is the custom properties API.


In sense of maintainability and future-proof investments my customers are requesting that D3 is working plattform independend especially because it is based on well defined standards like CSS, SVG, Javascript and HTML 5.

For my customer who is following a bring your own device to the company approach it is hard to explain why this great feature of including D3 graphs is only available on iOS but not on Android.


Therefore I want to request that the D3 capabilities are available 1:1 in Android as they are in iOS right now. In generall all enhancements of the D3 API shall be available on all Devices (Web, Mobile iOS, Mobile Android and PDF Export) for Visual Insight and Report Service Document.


What do you think?