Gartner BI Bakeoff 2017

by Community Manager 3 weeks ago (764 Views)

We presented this dashboard at the annual Gartner BI Bakeoff in Grapevine, Texas. The Bakeoff provided us with some datasets from the Department of Transportation but also incorporated data from Wikipedia to enrich our analyses. This dashboard takes a look at how age, population density, and road conditions might affect accidents and the extent of its fatality. 


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Screenshot 2017-03-08 15.38.18.png


by Senior Guru Senior Guru
3 weeks ago

Nice work!!

by Senior Guru Senior Guru
3 weeks ago

Export to PDF looks good now on VI --- Good sign.. 

Only thing i noticed was - when i export all SHEETS -- 1st layout/sheets had 3 panel/section - which split as separate and also combined screen on PDF -- not sure why it was behaving so..

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