Currently experiencing sporadic outages with Mapping utility

by Helper DSingh Helper a month ago (393 Views)

One of our mapping vendors is currently experiencing sporadic outages due to server unavailability

This could lead to certain mapping functionality being limited or unavailable at this time


We will provide updates as this service comes back online. Please reach out to if you have any concerns in the meantime

by Guru Guru
a month ago

We had an outage a few hours ago, things seem back to normal for the moment. Can you confirm what is the error message we should get ?

by Helper DSingh Helper
a month ago

You should see a "connection time out" error

by Helper DSingh Helper
a month ago

Thank you for your patience. 
The servers are back online and all functionality has been restored


Please do reach out to if you continue to have any questions or concerns


Divya Singh


by Senior Guru Senior Guru
a month ago

@DSingh thanks for prompt updates!

I was been notified by our support engineer too - it was so fast with proactive heads up and quicker resolution..